Adenike Adebajo

As a child, i had a dream once about a little girl at the extreme end of a hut-like church in the middle of a desert worshiping God. I had always known that my purpose is worship. It is my calling and my whole duty. My journey in music started at the teenage church choir. From teenage church choir to youth choir and then to adult choir. I often look forward to leading worship and I understood it to be an expression of my heart to God. I particularly love songs that tell about who God is, his awesomeness, greatness and sovereignty. People would tell about how there is something different about my voice which i didn’t fully understand at first until God revealed who i am and my core assignment to me. I continued singing in school at Redeem Christian church fellowship. After school, I started assisting as a backup singer at a studio in Ibadan and that further strengthened my conviction and my passion for music and worship. Then, the time for the wilderness experience came. God took me through situations to teach me that it wasn’t about the voice alone. It is much more about the vessel and the heart from where the worship came…it was truly a time of thorough dealing. I am convinced within me that is it time to emerge and be all that God has ordained me to be. Nations are waiting and they would not be left out of Gods blessing because of my disobedience hence the decision to obey God as he leads every step of the way.
For me, your vote is an instrumental part of making sure i receive the help and support needed for the journey ahead. Doing my part as God has instructed is not enough and i wont be able to do it alone without support from my “Hurs and Aarons”. It is so that all God has spoken will come to pass and the gifting that God has placed in this being would be useful for kingdom advancement.

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