Adesina Zacheaus

I was born exactly 14/02/1993, into the Agunlejika family in Ilesa osun, into a family with no music background. This does not give me opportunity to do music from childhood. My music life begin 2019 when I joined my school fellowship choir, that where I started singing little by little. So it means i started singing in the choir and I still sings in the choir till today as a living faith choir .
Music has changed into the person I am today, I believe music heals me from a lot of problems Infact a lot of issues found myself into but through the help of music I was able to overcome. Have never produced any musical album, hoping for Gods inspiration to produce one soon. Thanks
There are many reasons why I should be voted for among them are below: 1. Voting for me would help my music career which will project me to a higher level in my music career. 2. Voting for me in addition to my performances will also helped me to win the set price of the competition , that will also help me in my financial career and all.

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