Chiamaka Ochade

My musical journey is a testament to the profound impact of passion, faith, and unwavering determination. Born into a family deeply rooted in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and raised by parents who had great passion for music with a mom who went as far as winning an award while she was pregnant for me, my destiny seemed almost preordained. From my earliest memories, the melodious sounds of hymns and spiritual songs filled my home, and this nurtured my love for music. As a child, my first steps into the world of music were taken in the church’s choir. I thank God for my family and the church, who recognised, supported, and encouraged me to develop my gift. I began vocal lessons and started learning to play musical instruments, including the piano and guitar, while singing in the choir. My devotion to gospel music went beyond just singing. As I recall spending countless hours listening and studying the great gospel musicians and delving into the depths of spiritual songs. In 2020, while I was studying for my masters degree in Ghana, I had an encounter with the Holy-Spirit and this spurned my songwriting abilities allowing me to express my faith and devotion through my own compositions. It was clear that music was more than a passion for me; it was a calling. One of the turning points in my music journey came when I met a renowned gospel producer, Chris Heaven. Impressed by my raw talent and devotion to my craft, he offered to work with me on my first studio recording. This collaboration led to the release of her debut single, “Chukwuamaka (God is Good),” in 2021. “Chukwuamaka” quickly gained attention for its moving lyrics and the soul-stirring vocals. The song became an anthem of faith, gratitude, and celebration of God’s goodness while in Ghana. Its impact reverberated through churches, campuses and across Africa, earning me recognition as a rising star in the gospel genre. As I was handed down an award by Serubia foundation. Just like any other, my journey was not without its challenges. I faced setbacks, self-doubt, and the pressures of finance. However, my unwavering faith and the support of her family and friends provided the strength I needed to persevere. With each obstacle I encountered, I emerged stronger and more determined to fulfill my musical mission which is preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through songs. In addition to my successful debut single, I have released a series of heartfelt gospel songs, including “Na Me,” “He Never Fails,” “Done It Again,” and “Omasiri.” Each song reflected my deep spirituality and commitment to uplifting souls for the Kingdom of God. My songs have touched the hearts of people worldwide. My performances in churches, gospel concerts, and on various platforms earned me a devoted fan base. My melodious voice, combined with the depth of my faith, has created a profound and lasting impact on those who heard me sing.
Because of my exceptional talent, genuine spirituality, and inspiring messages conveyed via my music, I am able to touch listeners’ hearts and souls and share messages of hope and faith that have a profound impact on audiences.

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