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I started singing since I was very young, I was leading children’s choir in my local church back then, I was also singing in the school band. I can remember vividly the day I performed a song at my school’s end of the year party. It was a remarkable one for me, because that was actually where I discovered my self at age 13. I realized I needed to build this talent that God has given me. Ever since, I have been striving hard to improve on my singing skills because my aim is the top,
I’m not a singer because I want money and fame, I enjoy worshiping God so much that I want to take it to the ends of the earth. So that people will know that the gospel is actually not boring.
I want the world to vote for me because there’s a great revival coming through me to this generation and the ones coming after me, and I believe the Gospel icons Africa platform will help this dream come through I want the world to know that there is still hope for the gospel music ministry because I am one of those that will take over from some of our legendary fire brand ministers.
There is so much in me that the world is yet to discover, and by God’s grace and gospel icons Africa’s platform this great light of mine will shine bright for the world to see.

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