Winny Ezeme

When I was 7 years old, I was separated from my biological family after my dad lost his job and was diagnosed with a COPD. Owing to his deteriorating health condition, my parents could not afford to take care of me and my siblings. However, a distant relation offered to take responsibility for my wellbeing. Unfortunately, contrary to the enticing promises of comfort, stability, education and luxury, I was subjected to child labor and molestation. I could not reach my parents or any relative because my aunt prevented any form of communication with them and banned me from keeping any friend.
At this time, music was my only companion. This childhood experience inspired me to pursue music from a very tender age because I am able to express myself through music and also impact other lives through it.
Wining this competition will empower me to continue to maximize this God-given talent and to use it as a tool to influence lives across the world and every vote is a step closer to this dream. If you empower me, you have empowered an entire generation!

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